experience real oceanic flight in south asia

fly from WIMM or VTSP to VOMM

on Saturday 24th June 2017 from 1130Z to 1730Z

Pilots will be departing from Medan (ICAO: WIMM) in Indonesia or Phuket (ICAO: VTSP) in Thailand
following oceanic flight procedures and arriving to their destination Chennai (ICAO: VOMM) in India.
ATC Services will be available through out the region departure till arrivals from 1130Z to 1730Z
Please follow Departure/Arrival procedures correctly, briefing document is available below.

Flight Duration

Total: 2.5 Hours (Max)

ATC Controllers

Total: 21

Scheduled Flights

Total: 125

   Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award
   Awarded to any member participating in our Event. Issued by India Division.

   Pilot Events Award
   ONE Award point to any Pilot departing from VTSP/WIMM Given by Thailand and Indonesia Division.

   Please report your Flight Reports / ATC Reports on http://tours.ivao.aero on respective division.

  • Jakarta Radar – WIIZ_BA_CTR – 128.30 MHz
  • Jakarta Radar – WIIZ_M_CTR – 133.20 MHz
  • Medan Approach – WIMM_APP – 119.700 MHz
  • Kula Namu Tower – WIMM_TWR – 118.600 MHz
  • Kuala Namu Ground – WIMM_GND – 130.300 MHz
  • Phuket Delivery – VTSP_DEL – 118.550 MHz
  • Phuket Ground – VTSP_GND – 121.900 MHz
  • Phuket Tower – VTSP_TWR – 118.100 MHz
  • Phuket Approach – VTSP_APP – 124.700 MHz
  • Bangkok Control – VTBB_CTR – 125.700 MHz
  • Chennai Oceanic Control – VOMX_CTR – 126.150 MHz
  • Chennai Control – VOMM_CTR – 118.900 MHz
  • Chennai Approach – VOMM_APP – 127.900 MHz
  • Chennai Tower – VOMM_TWR – 118.100 MHz
  • Chennai Ground – VOMM_GND – 121.900 MHz

How to communicate with Oceanic Control? Tutorial is here..

Pilot Information

  • Duration of Flight is 2hours 30mins (max).
  • All Pilots must make a booking of your flight for this Oceanic Event to issue award.
  • Maximum ONE flight booking for a Pilot.
  • For this event we have scheduled all the international airline call sign from Thailand, India and Indonesia.
  • All Departure Flights, pilots are advised to be online before 10 minutes prior departure UTC time and requesting to contact ATC only at the scheduled UTC time of your flight at the assigned gates as per your flight booking.
  • You must download all the necessary aeronautical charts and also make sure Chennai (ICAO: VOMM), Medan (ICAO: WIMM), Phuket (ICAO: VTSP) Scenery are installed on your Simulator.
  • You may download the free 3D scenery from links below.
  • When you join a frequency please wait for 5-10 seconds before you transmit.

Other Resources and Links for this event


Any questions related to event please write to us

  • Events Department – India in-ec@ivao.aero
  • Events Department – Indonesia id-ec@ivao.aero
  • Events Department – Thailand th-ec@ivao.aero